Special Education Parent

‚ÄčLiaison Program


The following services are available at no cost to District 300 parents of students with disabilities:

  • Provide training, workshops and ongoing technical assistance for parents, school district personnel and community members 
  • Parent training about the special education process, laws and procedures
  • Preparing parents to meaningfully participate in their child's IEP meetings
  • Parent Liaison attendance at IEP and other meetings as requested by parents or the school district
  • Assist with preparation of a parent report for IEP team members
  • Address concerns between parents and district personnel and work with all parties concerned to improve the quality of relationships
  • Providing materials and community resources for families.
  • Fostering relationships with service providers and other community organizations which may be of assistance to families
  • Equips parents to advocate for their child;
  • Collaboration between parents and teachers;
  • Development of parent leadership;
  • Increasing family involvement.
  • Establish and sustain parent networking opportunities and support groups